About the Author

Mike Hickey

Mike Hickey grew up in Long Island New York, watching the Power Memorial teams dominate New York city basketball during the 1960’s under Jack Donohue’s direction.

Upon graduating from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont, he embarked on a coaching career that brought him into direct contact with Jack Donohue, who was then coaching the Canadian National team.

In his first year as a head coach at a Canadian University, Donohue proved to be a source of inspiration and over the next 30 years, he would serve as Hickey’s mentor, employer, and friend.

Hickey worked with Donohue and the National team for seven years and spent six years coaching the Women’s National team culminating with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Hickey began his journalistic career in the late 1970’s and has written freelance sports stories for several major Canadian newspapers, focusing on basketball and hockey.


2 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Chris Fitzgerald said:

    Dear Mr.Hickey,

    I had the pleasure this past weekend of both meeting and engaging with Jack’s widow – Mary Jane. We were on a Jesuit led retreat together and I had to refrain from gushing and pelting her with questions about the interesting life (and one which was “spiritually informed”) that they lived together. I played high school ball in Montreal and was not good enough to make my University team (McGill), but Donohue always struck me as a kind of “John Wooden” of Canadian ball.. Ironically, I had a conversation recently with Carolyn Waldo (CTV/CJOH sports) about Bill Wennington who she knew from her West Island/Mtl days. I played against Bill a few times when he was at Beaconsfield High.

    I do intend to get a copy of the book; esp given that Mary Jane recommended I read it. I checked to see if the Ottawa Public Library might have a copy, but it doesn’t seem to.
    That is an omission which could or should be corrected.

    Peace, Chris (Fitzgerald)

  2. Chris Fitzgerald said:

    Dear Mike,

    Re. the above posting, you may have sent me an e-mail reply which “accidentally” ended up in my junk box. Could you re-send it please.

    Best, Chris

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